Sunday, 12 January 2014

Christmas presents... the clothing edition

I say 'clothing'... this post will mainly focus on the new pyjamas and fluffy socks I had for Christmas. However, I did have two other very exciting things for Christmas which I've photographed below...

I had these beautiful brown suede boots from Fat Face for Christmas from my parents. I've wanted these boots for ages but could never justify buying them for myself. I love the colour and the button detail, as well as the beautifully fluffy interior. They look great with skinny jeans, hoodie and denim skirt, or my casual dresses. I haven't been able to wear the boots much yet as the weather has been so wet and I don't want to ruin them... hopefully the end of January will be drier! I love them :)

I also had the latest Welsh rugby shirt from Neil's parents for Christmas which I was very excited about, particularly as I'm going to two Welsh Six Nations games this year. My old Welsh shirt was way too big for me so this one came along at just the right time. Roll on the Six Nations!

I love pyjamas! Neil bought the lovely three piece Winnie the Pooh pyjama set for me, and the pink spotty pyjamas are from my parents. A lot of the pyjamas I've had for years are too big for me now, so I might have to organise a pyjama audit and clearout to make room for new ones. If you don't love pyjamas, I don't think we can be friends. 

Everyone loves fluffy socks! I had these beauties from Sarah, my parents and Nicola and I've already worn them all at least once. They're super cosy in the winter and I always stick a pair on as soon as I get home from work. When it's extra cold, I make the bold decision to wear slippers as well with the fluffy socks underneath. Crazy times. 

What clothes did you have for Christmas? I've bought a lot of clothes with my Christmas money, so there's a blog post to follow on those soon!

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