Friday, 31 January 2014

Things that remind me of home (52 Lists Project)

I love lists. I have a little book of lists, a week-to-view planner, and eight different folders on my phone for different list categories. Do you get the idea? I cannot function without lists.

I'll leave you to imagine my excitement when I came across Emma's 52 lists project. This project is perfect for me, and I'm slightly gutted that I'm late to the party and have already missed a few lists. Still, better late than never!

So here are a few things that remind me of home...

1. Beautiful views
I'm from a small village in West Wales, and sometimes I really miss this breathtaking view from my parents' back garden...

2. Toffee ice cream
My mother always buys toffee ice cream whenever I go home for a visit, so toffee ice cream will always remind me of home.

3. Warmth
My parents' house is always warm and cosy. My flat might be cosy but it's definitely not warm!

4. Piano music 
I started having piano lessons when I was 6 and they continued until I left home at 18, so hearing beautiful piano music always reminds me of home and our trusty old piano.

5. My parents' voices
I have the most lovely parents in the world, and hearing their voices over the phone always gives me 'hiraeth' for home. 'Hiraeth' is a Welsh word which can't really be adequately translated into English... it loosely translates into 'longing' but has a much deeper meaning. 

6. Muller Corner yoghurts
I can't usually afford to buy these myself and have to stick to cheap yoghurts instead. My parents' fridge is always stocked full of Muller Corner yoghurts so I make the most of them when I go home!

7. Creaky attic ladders
My parents used to have the most creaky attic ladder in Wales. Although it has now been replaced by a lovely wooden staircase, ominously creaky ladders still remind me of home. 

8. Christmas 
Home is the first thing that pops into my head whenever I think of Christmas. This is hardly surprising when I've spent all 28 of my Christmasses at home with my parents and loved every single one of them. I'm getting married this year so the routine will change, but I will always cherish my memories of spending Christmas at home.

What reminds you of home? 


  1. Aw, what a lovely post... Attic ladders also remind me of your parents' house. Vertical Challenge! xx

    1. Haha, I did consider mentioning Vertical Challenge in the post, especially for you! x

  2. Seeing the Detroit skyline as we drive back from being away from somewhere - always makes me know that home is close!

    1. I love it that a skyline can remind you of home! The sky is amazing x


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