Wednesday, 22 January 2014

I'm going to see McBusted!

If you kept up to date with my Christmas blog posts, particularly the post on my fake Christmas with Neil, you'll already know that I'm going to see McBusted in May! Squuuueeeeee! However, even though I've already mentioned it on my blog, it really deserves a whole post dedicated to it.

I was so so excited when I opened this beauty on Fake Christmas Day... I nearly didn't notice the tickets as they were attached to Donald Duck's hand and I was too busy admiring the teddy for a second before I cottoned on to the fact that there was yet another present to open. Neil wanted it to be as big a surprise as possible which was why he wrapped the tickets with the teddy. That's good planning!

I absolutely love McFly... this is definitely not a secret. I was also a pretty big Busted fan back in the day, so I absolutely can't wait to see these two bands performing together at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff. I couldn't afford to get tickets myself so I'm massively grateful to Neil for getting them for me for Christmas. I'm especially grateful as he has to come with me and put up with my screeching. Please start sending your sympathy vibes to him now, he'll be very appreciative. 

I've seen McFly a grand total of eight times but I've never seen Busted live, so it'll be a whole new experience for me. I'm so excited about hearing lots of the old songs like Five Colours in Her Hair, All About You, Crashed the Wedding and Air Hostess played and sung by both bands together. I almost want to do a little excitement dance right now!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I thought I'd post two videos from McFly and Busted's early days. I really hope they play both these songs at the gig... my heart might leap out of my chest with excitement but it'll be totally worth it. 

Obviously, McFly

Year 3000, Busted

All I need now is for McBusted to announce that One Direction are supporting them on this tour... highly unlikely, but that would really spiral my excitement out of control. 

104 days to go!


  1. Neil's a good lad... I couldn't believe it when you told me you weren't going, it just seemed so you! To be fair, I would probably do a fair bit of squealing myself if I was to see McFly live. Yep, I said it.


    1. I know, I couldn't believe I wasn't going either! Definitely an indication of how tight/poor I've become ;) There will be a lot of squealing x

  2. I was never much of a McFly or Busted girl, although if pushed I'd say I preferred Busted, but I'm super mega jealous that you're getting to see McBusted. I only realised I wanted to see them after tickets sold out. I bet they'll be amazing!

    1. I'll always prefer McFly, but I love Busted too :) They might release yet another date, you never know. I can't wait! x


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