Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year... exciting times ahead!

Happy new year, everyone! What did everyone get up to on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day? I thought I'd say hello to the new year by listing a few things I'm looking forward to in 2014...

1. Wedding
2014 is the year of our wedding! The church and reception venue are all booked and Save the Date cards have been sent out, but I'm looking forward to sorting out all the finer details before the big day in August. I haven't had too many 'bridezilla' moments yet... watch this space.

2. New house
I'm looking forward to becoming a home owner this year as Neil and I will hopefully have our own house within the next few months. We'll be moving in together after the wedding and I can't wait to choose furniture, curtains, utensils, rugs and so on... Pinterest will come in very useful for the next year or so!

3. Honeymoon
I'm so excited about having a long relaxing holiday in September after the wedding. We're hoping to start booking flights and so on in the next few weeks and will probably be visiting two or three Italian cities. Italian food is amazing... I can't wait!

4. McBusted
I'm off to see McBusted in May! Neil bought me tickets for Christmas after I moaned for weeks about not being able to afford to get any. I've already seen McFly 8 times but have never seen Busted, so I'm in for a treat.

5. Hen weekend
I'm also very excited about my hen weekend which will be taking place in July. I'll be having one hen weekend with university friends, school friends and friends based in Cardiff, then another hen do with my friends from work. They will both undoubtedly be Disney-themed and full of food!

6. Six Nations
I always look forward to the Six Nations, and this year Neil has bought tickets to two of the Welsh games in the Millennium Stadium. We're off to the first game and the last game, and I'm hoping for another championship win for Wales. Fingers crossed!

7. Russell Howard
Neil very generously bought tickets for us to see Russell Howard in February (he's a keeper!). Russell Howard is one of my favourite comedians and he's always been hilarious when I've seen him in the past, so I'm very excited about this little outing.

8. Fake Christmas 
I'll be celebrating Fake Christmas with my university friends this month. We've decided we prefer to celebrate Fake Christmas in January as it expands the Christmas period even further. I'm excited about Kirsty's amazing Christmas dinner, more presents and traditional Fake Christmas games such as 'rate the boys'!

9. Mini break
Neil and I are hoping to have a little mini holiday in the next few months just to get away for a few days. Some possible options are Snowdonia, Dublin, London and Disneyland Paris. Any other recommendations for a relaxing little break?

10. Christmas 2014
Christmas 2014 will be our first Christmas as a married couple! 356 days to go :)

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