Tuesday, 1 April 2014

iGrann... that's Instagram to you non Blackberry users!

I've been on the hunt for a decent Instagram app for BlackBerry for months as I love sharing photographs and also enjoy having a nose at other people's photos. I was previously using the substandard Blackgram app but it was very glitchy and eventually conked out on me, so I was delighted when I discovered iGrann.

As far as I can gather, iGrann works exactly like Instagram does and has all the same functionality. The only functions it lacks are the Instagram filters and the ability to upload videos. I never feel the need to upload videos so I'm not bothered about that, but I do miss the ability to add filters as Blackgram did have that functionality. However, I can definitely live without them until the app has an upgrade.

My iGrann profile page

As you can see below, I can like and comment on photos in exactly the same way as you can on Instagram, and the 'double tap' shortcut to like photos also works on iGrann. I can also tag users really easily on iGrann by selecting their username from the list, whereas with Blackgram I had to type them all in manually. You also couldn't delete photos from Blackgram... worst app ever! 

I love being able to share photos of anything and everything without bothering people on my Facebook and Twitter news feeds. Instagram is clearly a very self indulgent social networking site but I am a tiny bit addicted. As you can see from the screenshot of my recent images below, I post photos of everything from food to holidays to the sky to nail varnish to days/nights out. I love photos!

I mostly follow friends, fellow bloggers, Disney accounts and wedding accounts on Instagram and am always looking for new people to follow. Please feel free to leave your Instagram links below if I'm not already following you :)

You can follow me here: http://www.instagram.com/pinkbeth86

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