Friday, 4 April 2014

Outfit of the Day... summer dress and Ugg boots!

I thought I'd do a quick 'Outfit of the Day' post in honour of last weekend's sunny weather! Just like my first Outfit of the Day post, I'm wearing a few items from Florida...

Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Ugg boots - Journey (Florida)
Bag - Guess (Florida)

I love the kind of weather we experienced last weekend. Not quite cold enough to put away my beloved Ugg boots, but pleasant enough to wear a light summery dress. My pasty legs are a slight concern (I wore skin coloured tights), but they won't be getting brown any time soon so I should probably just accept them!

This outfit features my favourite bag in the world. I bought this bag in the Guess store in Florida's Mall at Millennia last year as a treat to myself. I would never usually spend that much money on a bag! In my defence, Guess bags are much cheaper in Florida and there happened to be 25% off all bags on the day I bought this one. It's the perfect size and the neutral colours mean I can wear it with almost all the clothes I own. I love it!

This dress was a recent purchase from Dorothy Perkins... it also had 25% off when I bought it. You should have noticed by now that I'm very rarely willing to pay full price for anything. I thought the dress would be perfect for my honeymoon, but I ended up wearing it last weekend as it's much too pretty to stay in my wardrobe until September. 

What did you get up to last weekend? Do you love the Ugg boots/summer dress combination too?

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