Friday, 25 April 2014

Outfit of the Day... trip to Cardiff Bay!

As promised in my latest Easter in photos blog post, I thought I'd elaborate on what I got up to over the Easter weekend. One of my favourite outings was our walk to Cardiff Bay on Saturday, so I thought I'd start with a post on that. I'm also conveniently combining it with an Outfit of the Day post as I haven't done one of those for a while!

Dress - New Look (out of stock)
Shoes - Red Herring at Debenhams (last year)
Bag - Guess, from Florida

I really love this new dress from New Look so I thought I'd wear it on our stroll to Cardiff Bay last Saturday. It was actually pretty cold in the morning/early afternoon, so I unfortunately had to wear a coat over it. I also bought these pretty shoes from Debenhams last year which went perfectly with the dress. They're black with green and red flowers so I haven't worn them much as I don't wear green or red very often. This dress therefore gave me the perfect opportunity to wear these shoes! My bag is yet another Guess purchase from Florida... this one was actually a present from Neil the last time we visited Orlando. Simple outfit, but I like it!

Once we got to Cardiff Bay, we had a little wander around the main shopping area then popped in to Fabulous Welshcakes and bought a blueberry welshcake and a chocolate chip welshcake each. You might think people shouldn't mess with the traditional welshcake flavour, but I can guarantee that you'd change your mind if you tasted these. I'm already so excited that Fabulous Welshcakes are providing the favours for our wedding day!

We then walked over to the Red Dragon Centre and had a hot chocolate in The Coffee House, run by Cadwaladers (a Welsh ice cream chain). Yes, I know I drink too much hot chocolate. In my defence, I always ask for skimmed milk. I don't like tea or coffee... what else is there for me to drink in a coffee establishment?

There were a few market stalls near the Mermaid Quay area so we had a look at those before heading back to my flat. There were stalls selling slate goods, jewellery, cupcakes, welshcakes, photo prints, curry powder, cheese, fudge and lots more! You can't beat a cluster of Welsh market stalls. I bought these lovely earrings for £3 from a craft stall... they conveniently go with my new green dress. 

The Bay is a really pretty place and I always love walking around there, even if it was a bit cold on Saturday. There isn't actually much to do in the Bay unless you want to eat and drink all day, but it's always a nice place to visit for a couple of hours. 

Have you been to Cardiff Bay recently? Did you also give in to the temptation of Fabulous Welshcakes?

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