Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Restaurant Review: Buffalo

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll already know that I love food and consequently love trying out new restaurants.

I've been to Buffalo for drinks in the past but I'd never been for food there until a few weeks ago. My friend and I were long overdue a catch up, so he suggested that we meet in Buffalo for lunch last Monday. We met at 1pm and it was surprisingly and pleasantly quiet. This meant we could catch up in peace and didn't have to wait long for our food.

Buffalo have a '2 meals for £10' deal during the week... I love a good bargain, especially when it comes to food. Does this really surprise you? After debating for a while between having a ciabatta or a panini, I decided to go for the barbecue chicken and bacon panini with chunky chips. I am a big fan of bread based products, in case you didn't already know! I might have a minor (ok, major) carb obsession.

I haven't had a panini for ages so this was a lovely change. The bread was perfectly crispy and the filling was pretty generous. Who doesn't love the excellent combination of chicken, bacon and barbecue sauce?Unfortunately the serving of chips wasn't quite as generous... I only had about 10. The tiny portion of chips was disappointing as they were truly amazing, but I (grudgingly) suppose the small portion was better for my waistline. They were properly chunky, rugged and nicely salted, and I could have eaten about 4 of these tiny bowls! 

In case you're wondering, I didn't eat the salad. Do I sound like someone who likes salad?

I would definitely eat in Buffalo again, especially if I happen to be looking for somewhere reasonable to eat in town during the week. The staff were very friendly which always helps, and £5 for a panini and chips in a quiet restaurant is a bargain these days. 

Have you been to Buffalo recently? What did you think?


  1. I've not been to buffalo recently, not in the last year at least. Mainly because the two times I have been there for food it was shocking! The first time I ordered an all day breakfast, by the time it came everyone else I was with had finished their food. The second time my 'hollandaise sauce' was actually mayonnaise, it was SO bad.

    I'll usually go back to a restaurant one more time after bad food or service but I've no intention of going back there if I can help it.

    That said, your food looks very nice but a shame about the lack of chips.


    1. Ah that's a shame :( I agree, I wouldn't go back somewhere after having two bad experiences. I suppose the panini couldn't go too wrong as it's so simple! x

    2. Hi Both

      We recently we're taken over by a new company, so apologies on the bad service you had received under previous owners. Glad you enjoyed your meal Beth and it was lovely to read our blog on your experience. With regards to the size of portions of the chips, we freshly cut and prepare our chips extra chunky so although there is only 10 - 12 chips per portions its made up from 3 large locally sourced potatoes. We hope to see you again, ill pass all the feedback onto our head chief.



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