Sunday, 25 May 2014

Café review: Caffi Cwrt

Although you might already have read my blog post about our weekend in Cricieth, no series of blog posts about Cricieth would be complete without a review of the lovely Caffi Cwrt!

I'd already read great things about Caffi Cwrt on Trip Advisor before travelling to Cricieth so I couldn't wait to try it out. We spotted it snuggled in a corner on our first evening and vowed to try it out the next day after our morning walk. Just look how pretty and bright it is! 

The café was quiet when we arrived at lunchtime and we were directed into a lovely quaint room next to the front window. It was so homely and felt like being in someone's dining room. The huge effort the owner has put in to decorating the café and putting their own unique stamp on it is amazing! The little touches just add so much character and authenticity. I also love the fact that absolutely everything is bilingual... a rarity in South Wales these days, unfortunately. 

We were expecting a limited choice of a few sandwiches and cakes based on previous experiences in similar establishments, so we were pleasantly surprised when we looked at the menu and feasted our eyes on the vast variety of food and drinks available. There were lots of different types of tea and coffee, hot chocolate, a huge variety of milkshakes and smoothies along with the usual juices and squash. As for the food, there was a good choice of sandwiches, light bites, pastries, scones and cakes!

After jumping between about ten different options and wondering if it was acceptable to order both a piece of cake and scones, I decided to order a strawberry milkshake, cinnamon toast and scones with butter and jam. When did I ever pretend that this was a healthy weekend away? Neil ordered a pot of tea, a cheese and pickle sandwich, and lemon sponge with lemon curd and buttercream. We asked if we could sit outside in the sun and were promptly escorted to a shaded spot outside the café where we could people-watch and enjoy the view. 

Our drinks were brought out first... I was almost gutted that I hadn't ordered tea as the set up was so pretty. Unfortunately, I despise tea. I've never been for a proper afternoon tea, but this felt like such an authentic experience with the vintage crockery and the knitted touches. My parents used to own this crockery set about 20 years ago!

I thought I was impressed with the drinks, but my eyes nearly popped out of my head when our food was brought out. Wait for it... 

Neil's sandwich was on a different plate... it didn't look as appetising or exciting as this platter so I didn't photograph it! As you can see, Neil's slab of cake was huge and my scones already had a generous helping of butter and had lots of currants, which is just the way I like them. I was also excited about trying out the large inviting dollop of strawberry jam! As for the cinnamon toast, I've never tried it before and really enjoyed it. Toast, butter, cinnamon and sugar... what is there not to like?

I tucked in to my scones after finishing my cinnamon toast... so good. The strawberry jam was clearly homemade and was the best jam I've ever had in my life. I even wanted to eat it out of the container with my spoon when I'd finished my scones. If I'm totally honest, I did eat quite a bit in this manner even though I was full to bursting after finishing my food. Although the scones weren't very big, they were really delicious and were the perfect texture. I love a good quality scone!

Our whole meal cost £13.55 which was very reasonable, in my opinion. Neil had about three cups of tea out of his pot, my milkshake was pretty big and the scones and cake alone would have cost a fortune in a chain café like Costa. The service was friendly and efficient, the location was ideal and the decor was definitely one-of-a-kind and very welcoming. No complaints! 

Have you been anywhere that rivals Caffi Cwrt? Send me your links, I'd love to read about similar places! 


  1. Looks amazing! I wasn't to go.... X

    1. Bit far for you to travel for an afternoon tea, but it might almost be worth it! x


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