Tuesday, 4 June 2013

100th post!

I'm pretty excited that this is my 100th post. One of my resolutions for this year was to post regularly on my blog, so I'm really pleased that I've achieved this aim especially as I've been so busy this year.

I thought I'd celebrate my 100th post by finding out which ten posts have been most popular with readers and linking back to those posts so that new readers can get a flavour of my blog. As you can see, there's a wide variety of posts in this list which shows that different people are attracted to all kinds of a different posts.

1. There's no surprise quite like a McFly surprise
2. Frantic about Florida #2
3. New shoes!
4. The Body Shop's satsuma shower gel
5. New York #6: Times Square
6. Frantic about Florida #1
7. Date day :)
8. Tim and Jen's wedding
9. Cineworld unlimited card
10. Packing for New York!

I'm not surprised to see that New York and Florida feature heavily in the top ten, and everyone loves reading about the Body Shop, shoes and weddings. I'm quite surprised that the Cineworld post is so popular... I wonder if Cineworld have seen a surge in their unlimited card holders recently? If only my blog was that influential.

Have you read all the posts above? Please feel free to leave some feedback on what you think of the blog, I love reading people's comments.

Now on to the next hundred posts...

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