Thursday, 6 June 2013

Wales' biggest theme park...

If you're Welsh or used to come to Wales on holiday, you almost definitely spent a lot of time in Oakwood theme park during your childhood and teenage years. I used to go with my family every summer and absolutely loved it. It's the perfect mix of thrill rides and children's attractions, so it's a great park for families to visit.

I have visited Oakwood a few times in recent years with friends, but hadn't been since October 2010. I kept telling my boyfriend we should go there together, but we've never managed to fit it in. Until last Saturday! We celebrated my birthday last weekend and I was aware that Neil was planning a surprise trip, but I had no idea where we were going. After being told to wear shorts rather than a skirt and realising that we were heading west on the M4, the penny dropped. We were going to Oakwood! Neil had even bought snacks for the car as it takes about an hour and 40 minutes to get to the park from Cardiff. All very well planned.

New signs... Welcome to Wales' biggest theme park!

We arrived at 11am and headed straight for Megafobia, the amazing wooden rollercoaster. I was too terrified to go on this ride when I was younger and didn't go on it until my mother persuaded me by going on it herself. I now love it an excessive amount, even if you do get jolted around a lot (especially if you sit in the back...).

We also went on Speed, Snake River Falls and Treetops. The park was pretty quiet so a few of the rides were closed, but luckily we still got to sample all the old favourites. We also had a wander over to Neverland (the new children's area), dodged a lot of seagulls and had some beautiful ice cream.

Speed! Not for the faint hearted.

Snake River Falls... these never get old. 

Everyone loves the Treetops rollercoaster!

Birthday ice cream :)

The Tardis landed in Oakwood!

After a lovely day in Oakwood, we called in to see my parents on the way back to Cardiff, then went to Villa Napoli for an amazing birthday meal. 

Definitely a good day!


  1. Was it nearly three years ago that we went?! Wow. Megafobia is my favourite rollercoaster EVER.

    1. I was surprised when I worked that out too! x

  2. this is going back a long time now but i was picked as one of the first kids to ride snake river falls down the python tunnel !!

    1. Wow, really?! That's amazing! I would be very excited about that particular claim to fame :)


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