Thursday, 13 June 2013

Restaurant review: Harvester

I love the Harvester. Unlimited salad bar, amazing bread rolls, delicious meaty goodness and refillable soft drinks... what's not to like? I've been to the Harvester in Cardiff Bay twice in the last few weeks, and I seriously can't get enough of the place.

Let's start with the salad bar. You're entitled to help yourself to an unlimited quantity of salad with every main meal, and it isn't just any old salad. You can choose from potato salad, coleslaw, pasta, peppers, beetroot, onions, pineapple chunks, lettuce, tomatoes, onion bits, bacon bits, raisins, croutons, and a variety of different sauces. My favourite container at the salad bar is filled with warm fresh bread rolls. They are AMAZING, and I'm always at serious risk of filling myself up with bread before my main meal arrives. I also always eat a copious amount of the crispy onion and bacon bits. I should probably note here that I always fill my salad bowl(s) with the most unhealthy options from the salad bar... no lettuce or tomatoes for me.

One of my salad bowls!

I always take about ten minutes to choose my main meal as there's such a massive variety to choose from. You can either choose a main meal, side and sauce from the front few pages of the menu, or you can choose from the All Day Earlybird options on the back cover. If you choose from the Earlybird options, you get a set sauce and side rather than choosing your own. 

I'm a big fan of the skewers, burgers and fajitas, and usually choose the chilli, ginger and spring onion sauce with chips as my side dish. There's no point even pretending to be healthy when I visit the Harvester. Why on earth would you have a jacket potato instead of chips? 

Seeing as I've visited the Harvester twice in the last few weeks, I thought I'd post photos of both my main meals from these occasions as they were both spectacular as usual:

Steak fajitas from the Earlybird menu with sour cream and chive sauce and chips

Bacon cheeseburger with chilli, ginger and spring onion sauce and chips

The prices are very reasonable at the Harvester, especially as the soft drinks are refillable and the salad bar is free of charge. For example, the steak fajitas pictured above cost £6.99 for the fajitas, sauce and chips. Bargain! 

My only minor complaint about the Harvester is that they list the calories after every item on the menu. I'm well aware that I'm consuming twice my recommended daily allowance whenever I visit the Harvester, and would prefer not to be reminded of that. At least I'm always too full for dessert! 

Does anyone else love the Harvester as much as I do? Are other people also obsessed with the bread rolls?


  1. I find the Harvester really hit and miss, sometimes I get a great meal and other times I'm left disapointed. Last time I went I had the fajita, first off they forgot me so my meal didn't come until everyone else had finished theirs, the second complaint was that the wrap was practically empty! That annoyed me somewhat.
    I've never been to the one on Cardiff Bay. x

    1. That's a shame, an experience like that can put you off a place for life! I had a similar experience in Prezzo lately and it's put me off going back there. Maybe the one in Cardiff Bay will restore your faith :) x


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