Sunday, 16 June 2013

Birthday girl!

You all probably know by now that it was my birthday a few weeks ago. I've written blog posts on what I got up to when I celebrated my birthday over several different days (Oakwood, Villa Napoli and Harvester), but thought I'd also write a post on my birthday presents. I had so many lovely presents, and I think the birthday gifts provide a great insight into what kinds of things I enjoy and appreciate.

I really was touched by all the gifts I received, and I've photographed most of them below. You can also see my new outfits for Duffy the Disney Bear from Neil and Neil's parents in a previous post. In addition, I'd like to say a big thank you to my parents and the girls from work (Rhian, Edwina, Ceri and Jen) for giving me money towards my Florida theme park tickets. I'll take lots of photographs in September so that people can see how much use I make out of those tickets!

So here's a quick snapshot of the rest of the presents I received... apologies in advance for the photo-heavy post!

Home made carrot cake from Neil. Yummers!

Lovely Superdry hoodie from Neil. I've had my eye on this for ages!

An amazing painting of Mickey Mouse from Claire

A selection of Disney teddies from Siân, Neil and Liz

Shorts for my holiday to Florida from Neil's parents

Photo frames containing photos of the two of us in New York, from Neil

Stationery from Sarah. I love pink things and cupcakes!

DVDs from Neil, Daf and my parents

Soap & Glory miniatures from Fee, also for my holiday!

McFly's autobiography from Neil

Pretty pink flowers from Edwina

Personalised Minnie Mouse towel from Neil

Finding Nemo bag! From Neil again :)

Beautiful tulips from Phillipa

A mixer and two baking books from Neil. 
Can't wait to get baking!

Vouchers from Nicola and family, Catrin and family, and Sarah

Lots of lovely cards

I really did feel spoilt rotten and am massively grateful for everyone's kindness and thoughtfulness. As you can see, it's very obvious that pink, Florida and Disney were running themes throughout my presents. Long may this continue!


  1. Hope you had a great birthday! When will you be in Florida? We are going in September too :)

    1. Ah great, are you going to Orlando too? We're going at the beginning of September :) x


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