Saturday, 8 June 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear

Duffy the Disney Bear is my latest obsession, so I'm going to tell you a bit about him. Duffy is a fairly new Disney character and didn't make his TV debut until 2010. He's known as Mickey Mouse's stuffed bear (made by Minnie Mouse) who accompanied him on a long sea voyage. Duffy the Disney Bear is now sold in Disney stores in the UK, and I bought him last month. Like most things I buy, he was on offer.

Duffy in his original sailor costume

You can buy different outfits for Duffy, which is where the appeal kicks in. He's cute enough as it is, but you actually feel as if you've got several different teddies once you've got a few different outfits. This is obviously what Disney were aiming for, as they're guaranteed to sell millions of outfits every year across the world. The idea is to dress Duffy up in various outfits and take him with you wherever you go, preferably taking photographs of him in different destinations. I genuinely want to take Duffy everywhere with me now... I feel this would be frowned upon, so I think I'll just take him to Florida. People won't think I'm weird if I'm carrying a teddy around the Magic Kingdom, whereas they might look at me oddly if I rock up to a restaurant in Cardiff with a teddy bear dressed in a random outfit. 

I had four new outfits for Duffy for my birthday from my boyfriend and his parents, which I was rather ecstatic about. The outfits are all very well made, and the level of detail on them is astounding. Now that I've caught the Duffy bug, I've got my eye on a few other outfits which are only available in America at the moment. Don't be surprised if I come back from Florida in September with a suitcase full of outfits for Duffy. 

Here are Duffy's new outfits:

Duffy the Pilot

Duffy the Racer

Duffy the Toy Story Cowboy

Duffy the Pirate casually enjoying a hot chocolate in Costa

Duffy spending time with Duffy the Sorcerer's Apprentice and Shellie May 
(my boyfriend's sister's teddies)

Has anyone else caught the Duffy bug? Please leave me a link if you've done a similar post on Duffy the Disney Bear, I love seeing all his different outfits. I'm such a grown up... 


  1. Love your Duffy ;)

    I've just seen a picture of some DLP sale and it has a duffy sale where you can buy duffy with 2 costume's (french and sailor)for 40 euro's. Or duffy with one of the two costume's for 35 euro's. The sale is untill the 25th of august. So lucky me (i'm going the 24th) :)
    I'm buying the Sulley costume too.

  2. Love Duffy bear! At first I used to buy costumes too then decided to make my own :)


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