Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Joe's Ice Cream

I briefly mentioned the beauty of Joe's Ice Cream in my Date Day post a few months ago, but thought it definitely warranted its own post as it's one of my favourite guilty pleasures. A Joe's Ice Cream Parlour has recently opened on Wellfield Road in Cardiff, much to my delight. Myself and my boyfriend would quite happily drive to Swansea just to sample some Joe's Ice Cream, so we're pretty pleased that there's now a parlour a bit closer to home. We've so far managed to avoid the temptation to visit every weekend, but I can't promise that our willpower will last throughout the summer.

The exterior of Cardiff Joe's Ice Cream parlour... not very glamorous

I'm a massive ice cream fan, so I've eaten a lot of it in my time. However, nothing beats Joe's vanilla ice cream. I've never even felt the need to taste their other flavours as the vanilla is so amazing. It's wonderfully creamy and leaves you wanting to eat a whole litre tub of it. Thankfully I've never succumbed to this particular temptation. 

I usually have a small tub with one or two scoops of vanilla ice cream and a wafer. However, I would strongly recommend their huge variety of sundaes and 'North Poles'. If I ever splash out and have one of these varieties, I go for the caramel sauce every time as it's rather exquisite. You can also have your choice of nuts or chocolate sprinkles. I suggest you go for the nuts if you choose the caramel sauce as they complement each other perfectly. 

A caramel North Pole!

Considering the high quality of the ice cream, the prices are very reasonable at Joe's. For example, the North Pole pictured above was less than £3 for a lot of ice cream, caramel sauce, three wafers and nuts. And there really is a LOT of ice cream in it, believe me. My only complaint about the parlour on Wellfield Road is that the seating is very limited so you usually have to eat your ice cream out on the street or in the car if you visit during a busy period. This is fine on a sunny day, but not so much fun when it's raining.

If you haven't been to a Joe's Ice Cream parlour yet, what are you waiting for? I can promise you won't regret it!

Everything else is just ice cream!

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