Sunday, 13 January 2013

Best wedding speech ever?

McFly are my favourite band in the whole world. I've seen them live 7 times, queued for hours to meet them at a signing in HMV, own all their albums, know random facts about all the members, and absolutely adore them. Much to my disappointment, two members of the band got married recently, and the other two probably won't be too far behind.

Tom Fletcher, main singer and guitarist, published the video of his wedding speech this week. Definitely the best wedding speech I've ever listened to! I would never usually watch a YouTube link which is 15 minutes long, but I've already watched this three times. Apparently, so have other people... it's regularly featured on YouTube's homepage. Obviously it's a plus that it's made of McFly songs, but I love the lyrics and emotion too. He's managed to achieve just the right balance between being cheesy, heartfelt and funny. He's also very honest and isn't afraid to admit that public speaking makes him nervous, in spite of frequently singing in front of massive audiences. Here's the video:

Surely even the most cynical person in the world will appreciate this? Even if they don't like McFly? Happy to be proved wrong... let me know what you think!

Oh, and you should follow Tom on Twitter. He's brilliant.


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