Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy Fake Christmas!

Yes, I am aware that Christmas is over and that it's January. However, myself and my uni friends decided to have our 'Fake Christmas' in January this year as we were all too busy in December, and it turned out to be a welcome addition to the usually bleak first week of the year. Here are some photos to sum up the momentous occasion:

The Christmas tree and the many presents underneath it... we're a generous bunch.

Some unexpected dinner guests in the (cardboard) form of David Tennant and John Barrowman. Slightly disconcerting when I forgot about them and thought there were two strange men standing in the corner of the living room. 

First round of presents! As you can tell from this pile, my friends are very aware that I love stars, pink things, stationery and organisation. 

Second round... the pink theme prevails! As does the beauty of Soap & Glory. 

The Christmas dinner! Thanks to @lipstysalter for her immense cooking skills! Highlights included the amazing gravy and sweet roast potatoes. The desserts were also spectacular - trifle and Rocky Road made by @distract_me. Unfortunately, I was too busy eating them to take a photo. 

After two helpings of dinner, it was definitely time to don my onesie. 

Scripting a crucial phone call on a Hello Kitty whiteboard... activities like this make Fake Christmas great! And very unique.

We usually play 'Rate the Boys' when we rate the men in our lives (and sometimes celebrities, mostly from Neighbours) on their good qualities. This year, we decided to change the balance slightly and play 'Slate the Boys' instead. I'm pretty sure this will now become a Fake Christmas tradition. We made a chart and everything. 

The late evening entertainment... Russell Howard, we love you. What was the point of Gabby Logan though?

So another brilliant Fake Christmas was had by all. Already excited about the next one! Maybe I won't eat quite so much next time (I definitely will). 


  1. I know it's a well-documented fact, but I LOVE Fake Christmas. I'll be putting my photos up soon. Slate The Boys definitely has to become an annual traiditon... xx

  2. Definitely one of the best days/weekends of the year! I'm sure we'll have more boys to add next year too x


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