Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow day...

I'm sure there was a time when I used to like snow, but now I positively can't stand it. It just creates absolute havoc whether we get 1 inch or 10 inches, and for some reason the whole country has to grind to a halt. It also means I can't get to work, because I won't risk driving when I know how many bad drivers there are on the roads who don't take any notice of driving conditions. I would happily walk to work when I lived in Cathays and it was only 2 miles away, but 3.2 miles just seems a bit too far to trek in my wellies.

Also, the snow gets all slushy, slippery and horrible when people have tramped through it hundreds of times... then, to make things worse, it freezes. During the snowy winter of 2010/11, I fell on my backside three times. The most embarrassing time was when I fell on Albany Road in front of what felt like hundreds of people. Snapping 'I'm fine!' at a few people who tried to help me up is not my proudest moment... I was of the impression that people should have conveniently pretended they hadn't seen anything to decrease my embarrassment slightly.

However, I will concede that the snow makes things look very pretty, so here are a few photos from today's walk. I wore wellies and took baby steps to avoid any embarrassing falls. Thankfully, I got to the shops and back safely without any bruises or broken hips.

All wrapped up ready for my walk!

Doesn't look like much snow in this photo...

I've never seen the road this quiet!

Plenty of people managed to get to Asda then... make note of the slushy car park!

What did everyone else get up to today? 


  1. I went to work, because my school NEVER closes. It was fun though, I had a snowball fight. I do get the annoyance with everything closing in the snow, but there are somethings e.g. trains, that could work in the snow (with snow ploughs etc) but the cost of improving the infastructure wouldn't be worth it for the five inches or so we get once a year. So yeah... SNOW DAY! xx

  2. My office actually closed today, that's never happened before! Not while I've worked there anyway. It's more the slushy mess that annoys me, which I know no one can do anything about. The snow just makes me grumpy! x


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