Saturday, 26 January 2013

Top 10 films

I thought I'd write a blog about my top ten films, which is actually harder than it sounds. First of all, I had to actually decide what my top ten films are, which is difficult when I've seen more films in the last two years than you could shake a stick at. I also have some firm favourites from my childhood which just had to be included. However, after doing some brainstorming, I think I've come up with a definitive list. These aren't in any particular order, it was hard enough to choose a top ten let alone deciding on a specific order of preference. Don't worry, they're not all Disney films. I also didn't include any of the Harry Potter films, because I couldn't choose a favourite and I'd like to write a separate blog post on those one day. Here's the list, with very short descriptions about why I chose these particular films...

1. About a Boy
Absolutely love this film. I can actually recite most of the dialogue because I've seen it so many times. I don't usually like the characters Hugh Grant plays, but he does a brilliant job in this film. 10/10!

2. Home Alone
I don't think anything needs to be said about the calibre of Home Alone... everyone loves Home Alone, right?

3. The Lion King
A Disney classic with brilliant songs. Hakuna Matata!

4. How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days
A nice typical chick flick, which is actually hilarious. Don't be put off by the fact that it's a chick flick, you might actually enjoy it.

5. High School Musical
Cheeeeeeeeese! Love it.

6. Carnage
I saw this in the cinema about a year ago and pre ordered it straight away. A lot of people didn't enjoy it at all and thought it was plain weird, but I think it's very clever and extremely funny. Kate Winslet is actually brilliant in it, which isn't a sentence I say very often.

7. The Truman Show
I'm not usually a fan of  Jim Carrey, but he's fantastic in this film. I love the whole concept of it, and the way the truth is revealed slowly throughout the film before hitting you fully at the end. Such a sad film in many ways.

8. Nativity
A lovely heart warming film which makes you laugh and cry in equal measures. Martin Freeman is great (as usual), but the very lovable Mr Poppy steals the show!

9. Invictus
Invictus is a very poignant film, and I always have goosebumps throughout. You don't need to be a rugby fan to enjoy this film, but it certainly contributes towards the goosebumps if you are! Morgan Freeman is immense as Mandela, and Matt Damon makes a great Francois Pienaar.

10. Remember Me
I cried buckets when I watched this in the cinema... you might not be a fan of Robert Pattinson (I'm not), but he really brings something extra to this film. Shocking in parts and desperately sad in others, you'll definitely need your tissues for this one.

I know none of these films are particularly profound, but I could watch them all over and over again without getting tired of them. What are your favourite films?


  1. I love number 4! :)

    1. Such a good film, makes me laugh every time! x

  2. I think Kate Winslet is good in lots of things. Have you seen Revolutionary Road? It's sad but I really like it. She's good in that. Love The Truman Show too xx

    1. No I haven't seen that one. I haven't seen her in many films so I was probably being a bit unfair there! x


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