Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter in Watchet

I drove to Watchet on Good Friday to meet up with my uni friends and to celebrate Liz's birthday (read Liz's blog here). Watchet is in West Somerset, and the first time I visited there was with my family about eighteen years ago. That experience was a bit traumatic as I dropped an ornament in one of the charity shops and broke it, but didn't tell anyone. This resulted in resounding feelings of guilt for the rest of the holiday. Sadly, that is a true story..

Anyway... Watchet has changed a lot since my guilt-ridden childhood visit. It's got lots of unusual little shops and cosy coffee shops, and is generally a nice place to walk around and have a wander. I also like it that people can take their dogs into shops and pubs and no one bats an eyelid. This definitely wouldn't be popular in Cardiff. It wouldn't have been popular with me either when I was terrified of dogs, but thankfully I got over that slightly crippling fear. We went to Chives on our first afternoon, and I had my first ever cream tea! Without the tea, obviously. I can confirm that it certainly won't be my last.

Best scones I've ever had!

The evening consisted of a trip to the local pub, a Chinese takeaway and setting up a profile for one of my friends on an online dating site which resulted in much hilarity. I met my boyfriend on a dating site two years ago, and I'd forgotten how ridiculous some people's profiles are. Bad spelling, punctuation and grammar never fail to both baffle and irritate me, not to mention the dreadfully unflattering photos and phrases such as 'I want a nice chilled out gal who won't stress me out'. However, if you're patient enough to sift through the ridiculousness, you'll find a gem. I am a big advocate of online dating (obviously).

We drove to Minehead on Saturday for yet more food in a beautiful little place called The Creamery, where I had a rather immense ham, cheese and pineapple toasted sandwich and a hot chocolate. The cakes looked absolutely amazing, but I managed to resist seeing as I'd eaten so much Chinese food the night before and the food guilt was kicking in. The decor was cosy, authentic and inviting. Unfortunately I was too busy eating to take any photos of the place itself, but you can see Liz's photos of The Creamery here.

I then drove back to Cardiff on Saturday night in preparation for 'date day' on Sunday, which I'll blog about soon. Thankfully the traffic was non existent so I had a nice relaxing drive home, apart from having to pay £6.20 at the Severn Bridge tolls to get back into my own country. That will never fail to annoy me.

What did everyone else get up to over the Easter weekend?


  1. Loving that I was there when you lost your cream tea virginity! Thank you for coming down, I had such a good weekend xx

    1. Thanks for presenting me with the opportunity to lose my cream tea virginity! Great weekend :) x


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