Sunday, 21 April 2013

The New York Deli

That's right... it's another food post. I went to the New York Deli in one of Cardiff's arcades for the first time yesterday, and absolutely had to blog about it in case people aren't aware of its existence yet. I was pretty overwhelmed by the huge menu, and finally decided on a New York Hoagie. It contained pastrami, lettuce, tomatoes, gherkins, swiss cheese, thousand island dressing and coleslaw, encased in a baguette. I'd heard amazing things about this place, but I didn't think the baguettes would be THIS big:

It felt like a Man v Food challenge...

I had to eat a lot of the toppings with a fork because the baguette wouldn't even close properly, and I wanted to pretend to be as ladylike as possible. I didn't quite manage to finish it unfortunately, but let it be known that it's one of the best sandwiches I've ever had. I ate this at 3pm and didn't need to eat again for the rest of the day. I also still felt slightly full when I woke up the next day... that almost never happens to me.

We sat on the window seats to eat our baguettes, and passers-by were actually stopping and staring with faces full of food envy. Lots of people stopped to look at the menu, and there was a huge queue when we eventually left after eating ourselves silly. The Deli also offers a 10% discount for students, which is always a good marketing ploy in any university city.

Has anyone else been to the New York Deli? What did you think? I think I'll try one of their bagels next time... Yes, I'm already thinking about the next time.


  1. That actually looks incredible... I am genuinely salivating right now. xx

    1. It was immense. They also do massive slices of cake! x


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