Sunday, 7 April 2013

Tim and Jen's wedding

I love a good wedding. My boyfriend and I travelled to Twickenham yesterday for Tim and Jen's wedding, and the weather was perfect for once. Neil has known Tim and Jen for years, and I first met them after we'd been together for a few months. They're a lovely couple and we were really looking forward to sharing their day with them. I didn't buy a new dress for the occasion as funds are tight at the moment, so I went with one of my favourite dresses which I've only ever had the chance to wear once before, and a little lacy shrug thing which I've never worn. I don't get out much.

My dress got a bit creased after sitting in the car for nearly 3 hours...

We had an easy drive up to London and got there with an hour to spare, so we met up with a few of Neil's friends in the local pub before going into the church. The church was very pretty with bridal flowers everywhere, and I was getting choked up before the ceremony even started. In a happy way, obviously. The service was lovely and meaningful, and the bride looked really beautiful. After the photographs were taken at the end of the service, a weddinged-up London bus came to take the guests to the reception in Windsor.

Amazing idea!

The reception venue was opposite Windsor Castle 

The venue for the reception was very grand and classy, and again the colour scheme and the flowers worked really well. I love a bit of colour coordination. Absolutely everything was colour coordinated and had the same theme from start to finish, from the invitations to the Order of Service leaflet to the ribbons on the little gift boxes left by everyone's place setting. I strive for this level of coordination and consistency!

Now THAT'S what I call organisation

The ballroom, all laid out for the Wedding Breakfast

After dinner chocolates!

The food was great, particularly the rather spectacular dessert... Caramelised apples with vanilla ice cream and panacotta. I could seriously have eaten that dessert about three times over, it really was that good. Who knew that caramelised apple slices could taste so good? I certainly didn't. After dessert, it was time for the cutting of the cake and the first dance. The cake was definitely the most impressive wedding cake I've ever seen, and tasted very impressive too. Yes that's right, I did manage to fit in some cake a couple of hours after my dessert. It would have been rude not to. I also managed to fit in some chorizo and a bread roll from the evening buffet... I'm just an eating machine. 

The picture quality doesn't do it justice!

The evening atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, and it was lovely to catch up with people and to take part in the general happiness of the big day. Unfortunately we couldn't stay the night in London due to other commitments today, so we left at 10pm to drive back to Cardiff. It was an easy drive again, and it was nice to reminisce about the day and to rave some more about the dessert and the cake. 

There are no other weddings on the horizon at the moment as far as I know, but I'm hoping there'll be a few more in the next few years. Have anyone else been to any good weddings lately? Feel free to leave links to your weddings posts, I love reading about them and seeing different people's ideas! Especially if they're nicely colour coordinated. 


  1. Wow, what a fabulous looking venue! And I agree, love it when there's fab co-ordination and organisation :)

    1. It was beautiful, so well organised too. Perfect day! x

  2. Ohh, I love how the room is set up. I'm a total stickler for co-ordination too.

    I can leave you a link to my own wedding post, I've never blogged about another wedding.

    1. Great, thanks :) I think I read this ages ago but I'll have another look to refresh my memory! x

  3. Love the flower in your hair.
    Very jelous you know friends who had a wedding at Windsor Castle... Expensive venue!
    Hope you had a lovely day.


    1. It was a really lovely day thanks :) I have so many different flowers for my hair... nice to have an occasion to wear one of them! x


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