Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Body Shop's Satsuma shower gel

I am madly in love with The Body Shop's Satsuma shower gel. I had a big 750ml bottle of it for Christmas and have only just started using it, and I want it to last for ever. I can't even describe how good it smells, but it definitely smells 100 times better than any satsuma I've ever had. It creates lots of bubbles too and makes my whole flat smell amazing for hours after I've used it.

As if the smell wasn't good enough, it also makes your skin feel beautifully soft, especially when you follow it up with some Body Shop body butter. Although I haven't got the Satsuma body butter in my collection, I'm seriously tempted to buy it if it smells half as good as the shower gel does.

My giant bottle!

I'm pretty sure this bottle will last for months, and I've got a Lemon one of the same size to use after I've finished this one. No need to buy shower gel for a while!

Has anyone else tried this shower gel? Do you love it as much as I do?

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