Thursday, 14 February 2013

Costa, Nero or Starbucks?

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll already know that I don't drink tea or coffee. However, I could be described as a bit of a hot chocolate fiend. My boyfriend is a big fan of coffee, so every weekend we usually go for a hot beverage in either Costa Coffee, Caffe Nero or, very occasionally, Starbucks. The hot chocolate in Starbucks is pretty good, but it's not spectacular so I don't really think it's worth the money. We also don't have a Starbucks loyalty card, and I always feel cheated if I'm not using some kind of loyalty card. I know I know, I'm a marketer's dream.

So... Caffe Nero or Costa Coffee? I think I prefer the hot chocolate in Costa, but their loyalty card is awful. We must have bought about 20 coffees and 20 hot chocolates before we had enough for two free drinks, and we'd had taken advantage of a few double points offers too! However, they do make a gooood hot chocolate. I usually have a medium hot chocolate with semi skimmed milk, and they put a nice chocolate pattern on the top for you.

Christmas hot chocolate

I did spoil myself when we were on holiday in Edinburgh and had a large hot chocolate in Costa with cream and marshmallows. It was amazing, but I did feel slightly sick after it. 

Pure chocolatey and creamy indulgence 

Caffe Nero is actually slightly cheaper than Costa, and their loyalty card is brilliant. You get a stamp every time you buy a drink, and you get your tenth drink free. Can't argue with that! Also, I prefer the Caffe Nero locations in Cardiff city centre to the Costa ones. Again, I usually get a hot chocolate without cream in an effort to be vaguely healthy, but I do splash out on special occasions. 

Birthday hot chocolate with cream

So, to sum up... I prefer Costa's hot chocolate, but Nero's loyalty system is irresistible. And I do love the little tiny chocolate drops they put on your hot chocolate, whether you have cream or not. 

Which do you prefer?


  1. In my home town we only have cafe nero so I go there all the time but they seem to always use full fat milk and it makes me feel sick (I do try to remember to ask for skimmed but I forget).

    I prefer Costa too, their drinks are delicious! I love their Black Forest Hot Chocolate at Christmas

    Amy x

    1. I always forget to ask for skimmed milk in Nero too! Costa's Honeycomb hot chocolate at Christmas was delicious, I didn't try the black forest one unfortunately x

  2. I hate hot drinks, won't drink any lol xx

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    1. Hot chocolate is the only one I can tolerate! x

  3. I prefer Costa hot chocolate and their cold drinks, but you're right about their loyalty card being awful. I like Nero's chai latte. Costa have started doing one but it's nowhere near as good. I don't ever bother with Starbucks either (and especially not now that they've been revealed as massive tax-dodgers!) xx

    1. The tax thing doesn't bother me as much as it should, I think all big companies would do it if they found the loophole. I just think it's over rated, and always full of scenesters! X


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